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Top 10 Must-Do Things on the Sunshine Coast of BC

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6. See a Sturgeon at Target Marine Hatchery

Overfishing has led to the collapse of fisheries that once supplied most of the world’s caviar. On British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, you'll find Target Marine, the producer of Northern Divine caviar and the only producer of white sturgeon in Canada. Target Marine began rearing their first generation of white sturgeon in 2000 in a land-based fish farm system that is now supplying a growing market with a healthy, eco-friendly product that is helping ease the mounting pressure off of wild sturgeon stocks. It's an amazing tour – if you've never seen these creatures up close, they are magnificent. And you can buy the caviar right at the farm! Here's the contact information.

FREE TOUR with a Purchase of caviar. Tuesdays from 9 to 11, please book in advance, no drop-ins please

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