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Northern Divine in Globe and Mail Gift Guide

Locavores of luxury can eat this acclaimed caviar with a silver spoon – and a clear conscience. Harvested from sustainably raised Fraser River white sturgeon on a land-based fish farm in Sechelt, these glossy black eggs were recently judged among the world’s finest by the taste makers at Travel + Leisure magazine.

“Crisp pop and creamy mouthful,” is how a panel of food editors described the Canadian caviar ($99 for 30 grams), which placed third in the magazine’s best in roe sampling of 15 ethical products gathered from Israel to Italy. Order online: northerndivine.com.

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See this amazing video created by chef Darren Brown Executive Chef at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver.

Chef DarrenBrown creates 100%  Ocean Wish dishes at the RAWBAR restaurant at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, the first restaurant in Canada to achieve this. His creations include Northern Divine certifed organic caviar and sturgeon meat. Watch this video as it takes you on a journey of the fascinating steps to create one of the 'world's best sustainable caviars'