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Unsung Ocean Dwellers

Globe and Mail
December 30, 2011
Alexandra Gill

One cannot live on wild salmon alone. So the surge of uncommon yet sustainable local seafood is a welcome evolution.


Vancouver Island octopus has been receiving lots of well-deserved regional love (fried into mirin-marinated chips at Boneta, tossed in lemon-mint yogurt at Ulla in Victoria and served thinly sliced over piperade at Goldfish and Sonora Resort). Fraser River white sturgeon, farmed at Sechelt’s Target Marine Hatchery, is a terrific new byproduct of Northern Divine Caviar. Although notoriously difficult to cook, the tough fish was smoked into tender submission at Fraîche and succulently cooked Sicilian-style at Cioppino’s

Alexandra Gill

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Published Friday, Dec. 30, 2011




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Raw Bar Video



See this amazing video created by chef Darren Brown Executive Chef at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver.

Chef DarrenBrown creates 100%  Ocean Wish dishes at the RAWBAR restaurant at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, the first restaurant in Canada to achieve this. His creations include Northern Divine certifed organic caviar and sturgeon meat. Watch this video as it takes you on a journey of the fascinating steps to create one of the 'world's best sustainable caviars'