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Wild for the Weekend with Garry Steel

Check it this great video on how to cook Northern Divine sturgeon.

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McCain Fries Deserve More Than Just Ketchup - GoodLife Vancouver

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Why not dress up your fries with Canadian favourites like Northern Divine and locally sourced truffles, smoked salmon and Salt Spring Goat Cheese. The perfect way to add pizzazz to regular old fries. Hold the ketchup and bring on the good stuff!

While we love a good french fry dipped in ketchup, or even  better with a little aioli, we decided to kick it up a notch and go for a slightly more posh topping for a recent dinner party!

We featured Ocean Wise seafood in this “Seafood Poutine” and even kept our choices very local. Our McCain #SuperFries Crinkle Cut fries got a decadent topping of “gravy” made with sour cream and tuffled goat chesse, then some Dungeness crab, smoked salmon, caviar, capers and parsely.

McCain fries are made with Canadian potatoes, canola oil and sea salt, and cook up crispy in about 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven.

We served them up in a little Chinese take out type of container, and they were devoured in mere minutes. We’d prefer that Canada was known for this type of true Canadian poutine!

- See more at: http://goodlifevancouver.com/modifry-with-mccain-superfries/#sthash.otOHN5gP.dpuf
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