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Northern Divine Caviar with crème fraîche and brioche


by Chef Hamid Salimian

Makes 8 canapes


30 grams of Northern Divine caviar

1 cup of crème fraiche (you can make your own, but when I don’t want to, I always buy it from Alice at Les Amis du Fromage)

¼ cup of fresh dill, picked from stems

4 slices of brioche


-          With a round cookie cutter (about the one inch round) stamp out two circles from each slice of brioche bread.

-          Place the circles of bread on a sheet pan in pre-heated oven at 250°F for 30 minutes, until dry and crisp.

-          Place a spoonful of crème fraiche in the middle of bread then spoon some caviar on top, and garnish with dill.

-          Place the canapés on a tray and serve with some bubbles!

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