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Sturgeon and Northern Divine Caviar with Humpback shrimp cassoulet

CHEF DARREN BROWN - Fairmont Pacific Rim


Sturgeon and Northern Divine Caviar with Humpback shrimp cassoulet

1 Red Onion, chopped

1 head Roasted Garlic

1/2 lb Maple smoked bacon (raw)

1 lb Dried Butterbeans

3 ltr Prawn / Lobster stock


1 Butternut Squash

Maple smoked bacon (crisp lardons)

1/2 lb Caramelized Cippolini onions

1/2 lb Bella Bella shrimp

4x 6oz portions fresh Sturgeon

1/4 cup Creme fraiche

60 grams Divine caviar


Sweat red onions, roasted garlic,  and 1/4 of the raw bacon, (left in large chunks that will be easy to remove later), on low heat until translucent. Add beans and stock and cook until beans are tender, reserving a liter of stock for later.

Sauté the remaining bacon lardons and cippolini onions until golden, add the butternut squash and continue to cook until everything reaches a deep caramelization and squash is tender. Deglaze with remaining prawn stock as needed, simmer gently with slightly more stock than the beans are ready to absorb, and reserve while you cook the sturgeon. Once the sturgeon is done, add the prawns to your cassoulet and allow to poach in the surplus stock as it reduces down to a ragout consistency.

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