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Yuzu Kosho Cured Sturgeon and Northern Divine Caviar Carpaccio

Chef Taka Yuki Omi of RAW BAR



5 lbs cleaned Sturgeon loins

1 kg Brown Sugar

400g Salt

250g Yuzu Kosho

50g Chili Powder



rice wine vinegar

0.40 lt

Amano Miso paste

0.25 lt


0.15 lt


0.75 lt

canola oil

3 tbsp

Fresh grated ginger



Baby tatsoi

Baby Mizuna

Baby Red Shiso

Northern Divine Caviar

Serve amount to personal preference



Clean Sturgeon loins and cut into 0.75 inch thick pieces. Mix the brown sugar and salt together with the sturgeon loins and massage cure thoroughly into protein. Have all the sturgeon covered in the cure, place into a plastic container and cover with lid or plastic wrap. Let the curing fish sit in the fridge for 3 days

After 3 days remove the sugar and salt cure by rinsing with cold water and let dry uncovered and wipe the sturgeon loins down with paper towel until dry. Place the yuzu kosho and chili power mix and rub over fish to dry cure for another 2 days in the fridge. Mix all the ingredients together to make the miso ginger dressing. Once the sturgeon is cured completely slice thinly against the grain to get 0.5oz portions for creating the Carpaccio dish. Wrap sliced cured sturgeon loin around a few leaves of baby greens

To plate the dish place one tsp of dressing in the middle of a small plate, place 2 pieces of rolled sturgeon carpaccio and baby greens laying on top of each other. Place 0.5g of Northern Divine Caviar on top of each piece of cured sturgeon to complete the plate.

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