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Farm To Feast Organic Sturgeon Tartare

Farm To Feast Organic Sturgeon Tartare


Serves four:

16oz sturgeon
1 bunch Green onion
1 small Cucumber
50g Pickled ginger
2 table spoon Sesame oil
2 table spoon Soy sauce
1 Fresh lime
1 Avocado
Flat bread or taco

1. Using a very sharp knife cut sturgeon meat into very small cubes, 0.5cm or less.

2. For consistency, chop the green onion , cucumber and pickled ginger into 0.5cm or less. Mix these ingredients in with the sturgeon.

3. Add in the sesame oil and soy sauce (Sometimes I add a little of the pickle juice from the ginger)

4. Squeeze in the entire lime and mix all ingredients well. Allow to sit for flavours to absorb.

5. Quarter the avocado and fan out each section on to the flatbread or taco ( Heated to order).

6. Place all mixed ingredients onto the flatbread, sprinkle with black sesame seeds and fresh cilantro.

Recipe by Farm To Feast in Gibsons, BC



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