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B.C. hatchery to sell prized caviar

CBC News
January 13, 2011

What's believed to be Canada's first white sturgeon farm will soon start producing high-value caviar.

Target Marine Hatchery in Sechelt, B.C., began growing sturgeon more than a decade ago after the industry, which had been dominated by the former Soviet Union, collapsed.

The facility is finally ready to begin harvesting roe from its females. It expects to sell the roe as caviar for up to $3,000 a kilogram.

"Our oldest generation, we have a couple of thousand fish, and out of those, it's just a handful. Maybe a hundred fish will be ready for caviar this spring, which will be our first caviar harvest," said the hatchery's General Manager Justin Henry.

Henry said caviar from white sturgeon is extremely precious.

"The most valuable caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon, and then Osetra. Caviar from white sturgeon is comparable to Osetra, so it's a very valuable caviar," he said.

White sturgeon is a large freshwater fish. It's the third largest after beluga and kaluga sturgeon.

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