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Round II of “This Whole Sturgeon” Event. Chefs Collaboration Dinner.

by Vikram Vij & Robert Clark.

Two Chefs - One Goal: To Eat Sturgeon Like Never before.

A unique culinary & wine experience with Canada’s Top chefs

VANCOUVER, BC (October 3, 2017) - A collaborative 5-course sturgeon dinner with award-winning Vancouver-based chefs Vikram Vij and Robert Clark will take place at Vikram Vij’s South Surrey restaurant, My Shanti. The chefs have teamed up to provide the ultimate sturgeon experience, each bringing their own cooking style to highlight the versatility of sturgeon.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm


My Shanti by Vikram Vij

15869 Croydon Drive, Morgan Crossing, Surrey, BC, V3Z 2J6


About the event:

Many have heard of The Mighty White Sturgeon in the Fraser River, some have experienced the thrill of catching and releasing the beautiful giant, but few get the chance to taste the fish. For this unforgettable dining experience, chefs Vikram and Robert will go above and beyond to create 5 different dishes, featuring different parts of the fish and preparing them in their own, unique A-la-carte Style.

The chefs will be using sustainable and certified organic sturgeon that was cultured by our local sturgeon producer from the beautiful Sunshine Coast – Northern Divine Aquafarms. Healthy, luxurious and award-winning, Northern Divine has the only Certified Organic sturgeon and caviar in the world.

The goal of this event is to be more than just an awesome dinner. Our remarkable chefs will go the extra mile to educate and inspire sturgeon lovers about this amazing “living fossil”.

The chefs:

Chef Vikram Vij – award-winning chef and ambassador of Indian cuisine in Canada, Vikram is passionate about sustainable food, as an early adopter of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program, and as a champion of local, sustainable producers and farmers, such as UBC Farm, a centre of sustainable food systems and educator of future food producers.

Chef Robert Clark – chef, author and sustainable seafood guru. Rob helped to grandfather the sustainable seafood movement in Canada (yes, he is that old!). He is the proud recipient of the Murray A. Newman Award for his conservation efforts. Chef Robert uses only sustainable seafoods at his restaurants.

Both chefs play an important role in helping create awareness for Canadians to accept and embrace sustainable seafood alternative to fish that are now considered endangered or unsustainable. The chefs will share their stories on what inspired them to use sustainable and certified organic seafood at their restaurants.

What’s on the menu, you ask?

Certified Organic, Sustainable and one of a kind White Sturgeon. The chefs will create 5 unique dishes, using the finest ingredients and featuring different parts of the fish and, of course, Caviar! The dishes will be paired with outstanding local wines from our BC wineries.

About sturgeon

Did you know that sturgeon are an ancient fish? They lived alongside dinosaurs millions of years ago. They have distinctive characteristics and can live over 150 years.

Ethically Raised from the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Wild sturgeon are considered critically endangered due to overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction. Sturgeon populations have dropped by over 90% in the last century. If we wish to continue eating healthy seafoods without pillaging our oceans, lakes and rivers, we must accept and embrace sustainably farmed fish. Northern Divine Aquafarms is one of the best fish farms in North America, it has won numerous awards and gained recognition for their green farming practices.  More so, it is the only producer in the world of Certified Organic Sturgeon & Caviar.

We invite you join us for this once in a life-time experience to savour and indulge the delicious and innovative sturgeon dishes and amazing BC wine pairings.

This is a ticketed event. Tickets are $125 per person (tax and gratuity included). Reservations can be made by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line “This Whole Sturgeon”.


For more information:

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Sturgeon at Vij's Restaurant

We love it when a great chef uses our products and gives such an awesome feedback. Meeru Dhalwala, author, chef & co-owner at Vij's and Rangoli's. Here is what she had to say about sturgeon:


"For the past 10 years I have been looking at all types of sustainable alternatives to fish that are now considered endangered or unsustainable. It’s depressing when I see various fish that I have served in the past go from the “green” to “orange” to “red” on the seafood websites. If we wish to continue eating healthy seafoods without pillaging our oceans, lakes and rivers, we must accept and embrace sustainably farmed fish. And in BC, we have one of the best farmed, organic fish in North America—Northern Divine sturgeon.

The organic, sustainably farmed sturgeon from Northern Divine has rich and meaty texture and a mild, yet distinct, flavour that soaks in my Indian spices perfectly. As with most white fish, I use milder spices for my marinade and stronger spices for the curry. My marinated sturgeon grills beautifully."


Photo credits to Vij's restaurant.

The Royal Visit

A week-long visit to British Columbia in September 2016 was full of adventures for the Royal Family when they came to visit Canada for the second time. This time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned with their children, prince George and princess Charlotte.   

An adventure-packed trip allowed the Royals to have a true experience of BC. Everything from visiting the majestic Great Bear Rainforest, taking a float plane, canoeing and even fishing. And of course, what kind of visit would this be if they didn't try our local BC caviar? 

Upon their arrival on September 24, 2016 Kate and William were served an amazing dinner at the Government House in Victoria with our Northern Divine caviar on the menu. The Only Certified Organic Caviar in the World is certainly a great way to represent the Canadian aquaculture achievements.

Later in the week the royals, along with BC government entourage travelled to the Okanagan Valley in Kelowna to have a "Taste of British Columbia", a festival at Mission Hill Winery, where they got to enjoy the amazing food and wines. 

Just to give you an idea of some of the delicacies that were served to the Royal Family: 

  • Vegetarian Sushi Roll made with sushi rice, asparagus, pickled ginger, spicy Japanese mayonnaise with BC zucchini, carrot and red pepper wrapped in a soy bean and roasted sesame wrap and garnished with Northern Divine Caviar. 
  • Geoduck Sashimi was served with miso mustard and Northern Divine Caviar. 

These dishes were prepared by extremely talented chefs Nathan Fong and Hidekazu Tojo. Kate said she liked the dishes and what is more, she broke the habit by eating in public - how can we blame her when the dishes are this good! Oh, and did we mention that Kate Middleton is the second royal who has enjoyed our divine pearls? The Queen was served our caviar during summer 2012 Olympic Games.

P.S. An interesting fact - chef Tojo is credited with inventing the California Roll and the BC Roll.

Breakfast Television with chef Christopher Moret

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Christophe creates divine dishes at the East Meets West Dinner at the Shangri La Vancouver in January. Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, and Market by Jean-Georges presented an epicurean dining event in celebration of the 8th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards. The seven-course menu was prepared in collaboration between four master chefs. Representing the East are award-winning chefs Christophe Moret and Samuel Lee Sum, from the renowned Michelin-starred restaurants at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. Showcasing culinary talent from the West Coast is Chef Ken Nakano from Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, and internationally acclaimed Master Pastry Chef Thomas Haas.

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Chef of Innovation - Jefferson Alvarez

Northern Divine has been working with chef Alvarez for more than 3 years to develop sturgeon recipes for restaurants in Vancouver and beyond. He has been a true supporter of Northern Divine products and helps to educated other up and coming chefs on the uses of sturgeon meat and caviar. Dishes chef has created include sturgeon skin crackle, foie gras, and sturgeon fin soup.

Canada isn't known for Noma-style, avant garde dining. But Venezuelan-born Jefferson Alvarez, a self-taught chef whose résumé includes time at Arzak in San Sebastian and New York's Aquavit, may be the country's culinary innovator in chief. Alvarez candies, dehydrates, infuses, and otherwise transforms indigenous ingredients such as hazelnuts, Douglas fir tips, elk and halibut into beautiful dishes that taste both completely new and intrinsically familiar. He may also be the only chef in the world who sears sturgeon liver to closely resemble foie gras in both taste and texture. That's right, sustainable foie. Find Alvarez at an ongoing series of pop-up dinners at locations across Vancouver.

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