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White Sturgeon


Northern Divine is the only producer of certified organic premium white sturgeon meat in the world which contains NO antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or fertilizers.

Meaty. Boneless. Mild.

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Our organic sturgeon is versatile and requires minimal preparation to make the natural flavours shine. The perfect substitute for any fish or white meat.

Sturgeon flesh is firm and boneless, golden fat, contains omega 3's, delicately flavored and similar to pork or chicken breast in texture.

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White Sturgeon - Acipenser transmontanus

Fraser River white sturgeon is second to largest to that of the Beluga and is found on the West Coast of Canada. There are 26 sturgeon species found in fresh and coastal waters in the northern hemisphere, five of which live in Canada. Fraser River sturgeon are listed as 'threatened' in Canada along with the Shortnose Sturgeon and Atlantic Sturgeon. There are land based farms situated on both the West Coast and East Coast of Canada sustainability raising sturgeon for its prized caviar and continue to work towards the conservation of wild sturgeon.

It is important for consumers to look for the Ocean Wise™or SeaChoice symbol when purchasing seafood as every decision we make is directly effecting the survival of marine life in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

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“caviar” or Kaviar is Persian meaning “fish producer of eggs.” While “caviar” is loosely associated with the roe of other fish such as trout and salmon (red caviar), true caviar comes from sturgeon. Most recognized caviar is Beluga originating from the Caspian Sea which is in serious decline and listed as endangered. Sturgeon have been around for over 240 million years, a prehistoric survivor of the ice age, and the largest freshwater fish in the world Some weigh over 2,000 pounds! Ancient Romans believed sturgeon were an aphrodisiac and increased life expectancy Henry I of England declared sturgeon the "royal fish." King Edward II issued a decree that any sturgeon caught must first be offered to the throne

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