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Premium Smoked Sturgeon

Canned Smoked Sturgeon

Our canned smoked sturgeon is praised for its rich buttery texture and delicately subtle, moist and delicious taste. It is a simple and healthy way to create meals that are full of protein, Omega 3’s, flavour and freshness. 

Proudly Canadian, our farm is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. 

The quality of our sturgeon is superior, as we raise the fish in pristine ground water, on certified organic feed, free from antibiotics, GMO, added hormones and pesticides. 

To smoke the sturgeon, we use a custom blend of hardwoods from the local producers. With impeccable hot & cold smoking techniques, the meat is hand filleted, dry cured and then smoked for several hours, allowing the thick sturgeon fillets to absorb the harmonious blend of flavors. The result is mouthwatering sturgeon chunks, in a pearly white and golden finish, that simply melt in your mouth. 

Not only is this luxury food delicious, certified organic, sustainable and top quality, it is also a great source of protein, contains Omega 3’s & Iron.

Smoked sturgeon used to be a traditional delicacy loved by Russian Tsars, European kings and the Cree (one of the largest First Nations groups in North America). 

Today, there are many ways smoked sturgeon can be enjoyed. So versatile and so delicious, sturgeon’s qualities make it a good substitute for a healthy chicken or pork recipe. It can be a wonderful addition to your cheese, seafood or meat platter. A can of smoked sturgeon is an ideal match for pastas, salads, wraps, and crackers. You can also serve it on a sliver of toast or simply savor on its own. 

Shelf Life: 4 years 

Pack Size: 6 or 24 cans

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