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Serving Caviar

The Northern Divine caviar experience

Choose Northern Divine caviar for every celebration. Our sustainable caviar is crafted fresh year round for you to enjoy and indulge in. It’s easy to serve, delicious and sure to please. We ship direct to your home within 24hrs.

Northern Divine caviar should be kept in the coldest part of your fridge (ideally the bottom shelf). Once the caviar tin is opened it should be consumed immediately. Remove the caviar from the refrigerator as little as 15 minutes before serving, place tin in an elegant bowl on a bed of crushed ice and serve with mother-of-pearl spoons.

Serving sizes may vary depending on how much each person wishes to indulge in our premium, certified organic caviar. Here are our recommendations:

1person 30g

2 people 50g

4 people 100g

10 or more 250g

20 or more 500g

50 or more 1 kilo

Ways to enjoy Northern Divine caviar:

Place Northern Divine caviar onto your tongue using a mother-of-pearl spoon, gently crush the eggs on the roof of your mouth and swirl like you would a fine wine. You will experience a rich creamy texture, smooth mouth feel and fresh, nutty, buttery ocean flavour as the eggs melt on your tongue.

Build your own canapé by carefully spooning Northern Divine caviar onto a blini or toast point with crème fraiche and accompaniments such as chopped egg, red onion and dash of lemon.

To drink with caviar, we recommend you rinse the palate with smooth vodka, a dry or sparkling white wine, or Champagne.

For more ways to serve caviar and recipes please visit our RECIPES PAGE



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