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Our Story

Sustainable, Natural, Safe, Healthy, Award Winning & World Class. Our Canadian caviar is Certified Organic using only Canadian salt to bring out the pure natural flavour. NO Antibiotics and NO Added Hormones. Our Mighty Fraser River Sturgeon are raised in land based aquaculture systems using pristine, cold, fresh mountain water.


How do we help to protect wild sturgeon? Our farmers at Northern Divine have been working for over a decade to develop and maintain sustainable sturgeon farming practices that do not harm other marine life or the environment.

Safe, Healthy, Natural

We pride ourselves on being the first and only Certified Organic caviar producer in North America using only pure refined Canadian salt to naturally bring out the flavour. Our caviar is free of antibiotics and does not contain added hormones. Caviar contains omega 3’s, is high in protein and proven to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. Read more

World Class

Northern Divine is rated among the top 5 sustainable caviars in the world —Travel + Leisure Magazine 2011. Northern Divine’s caviar-meister has more than 25 years experience crafting various types of roe and trained by top caviar experts from all over the globe. With skilled precision the eggs are carefully extracted from each fish which are then lightly salted and packed in caviar tins. The roe is never mixed and each caviar tin is coded for traceability. This unique job demands the delicate touch and grace of a jeweler with the preciseness and quality assurance of a vintner.

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