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Vancouver's Best, Off-the-Radar Foodie Experiences

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Chef of Innovation - Jefferson Alvarez

Northern Divine has been working with chef Alvarez for more than 3 years to develop sturgeon recipes for restaurants in Vancouver and beyond. He has been a true supporter of Northern Divine products and helps to educated other up and coming chefs on the uses of sturgeon meat and caviar. Dishes chef has created include sturgeon skin crackle, foie gras, and sturgeon fin soup.

Canada isn't known for Noma-style, avant garde dining. But Venezuelan-born Jefferson Alvarez, a self-taught chef whose résumé includes time at Arzak in San Sebastian and New York's Aquavit, may be the country's culinary innovator in chief. Alvarez candies, dehydrates, infuses, and otherwise transforms indigenous ingredients such as hazelnuts, Douglas fir tips, elk and halibut into beautiful dishes that taste both completely new and intrinsically familiar. He may also be the only chef in the world who sears sturgeon liver to closely resemble foie gras in both taste and texture. That's right, sustainable foie. Find Alvarez at an ongoing series of pop-up dinners at locations across Vancouver.

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