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Sturgeon at Vij's Restaurant

Sturgeon at Vij's Restaurant

We love it when a great chef uses our products and gives such an awesome feedback. Meeru Dhalwala, author, chef & co-owner at Vij's and Rangoli's. Here is what she had to say about sturgeon:


"For the past 10 years I have been looking at all types of sustainable alternatives to fish that are now considered endangered or unsustainable. It’s depressing when I see various fish that I have served in the past go from the “green” to “orange” to “red” on the seafood websites. If we wish to continue eating healthy seafoods without pillaging our oceans, lakes and rivers, we must accept and embrace sustainably farmed fish. And in BC, we have one of the best farmed, organic fish in North America—Northern Divine sturgeon.

The organic, sustainably farmed sturgeon from Northern Divine has rich and meaty texture and a mild, yet distinct, flavour that soaks in my Indian spices perfectly. As with most white fish, I use milder spices for my marinade and stronger spices for the curry. My marinated sturgeon grills beautifully."


Photo credits to Vij's restaurant.

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