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Round II - “This Whole Sturgeon”

Chefs Collaboration Dinner by Vikram Vij & Robert Clark

Chefs across Canada are using sturgeon meat and caviar in the most creative ways. This was our Round II of This Whole Sturgeon Event where chefs Vikram Vij and Robert Clark created dishes using different parts of the fish, each bringing their unique cooking styles to highlight the versatility of sturgeon.

Both chefs play an important role in helping create awareness for Canadians to accept and embrace sustainable seafood alternative to fish that are now considered endangered or unsustainable. The chefs shared their stories on what inspired them to use sustainable and certified organic seafood at their restaurants and were thrilled to not only use sturgeon meat, but also sturgeon fins, livers, heads & tails. Often times when cooking any type of fish, we tend to use just the fillets, but what happens to the rest of the fish? With sustainable practices at the heart of our operations, we at Northern Divine focus on utilizing all parts of the sturgeon, hence the name "This Whole Sturgeon". Here are the menu items and their pictures from the event.


Chef Vikram: Sturgeon Ceviche in Gol Gappa with Mint Cumin Water

Chef Robert: Sturgeon Liver Paté, Okanagan cherry & Port Reduction 

First Course:

Chef Vikram: Sturgeon Fin soup with Coconut, Fish Pakoras & Caviar


Chef Robert: Grilled Marinated Sturgeon, Pickled Vegetables, Vietnamese Salad

Chef Vikram: Sturgeon Steak Fenugreek curry with torched spices

Chef Robert: Maple Smoked Sturgeon, buttered spinach, Rosti potatoes, Horseradish Mousseline


Tracey Cakes Sultans Jewel chocolate cake with Sweetened Crème Fraiche & Caviar



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